Fragen zum Produkt "Differenzdruck Messumformer 985V-Modbus"

Differential Pressure Transmitter 985V-Modbus



  • Building automation and air conditioning systems
  • Overpressure measurement in clean rooms and laboratories
  • Measurement of constant pressure in VAV applications
  • Dynamic filter and ventilator monitoring

The transmitters of the 985V-Modbus series are used to measure volume flow or flow velocity and pressure. The measured value can be output and the parameterization on the device can be done via the Modbus RTU data interface.

Technische Daten

The digital signal Modbus enables direct connection to control / regulating systems.

Configuration of volume flow or flow velocity measurement:
1. Select a calculation formula and enter a k-factor. Both dependents on the type of ventilator or measuring probe.
2. Or create a reference volume flow or flow velocity, which is entered directly.
The modbus is used to set the device. Please read the exact procedure in the manual.

Adjustable response time:
The response time of the output signal can be variably set via Modbus.

Easy offset calibration:
For 985M-Modbus and 985VM-Modbus press the MODE/Offset button or set via Modbus in an unpressurized state to adjust the offset to zero. The Versions 985A-Modbus and 985VA-Modbus perform an automated zero offset compensation.

A red LED display shows the pressure value, volume flow or flow velocity.

Mounting position:
Can be mounted in any position. The zero offset calibration eliminates any possible position error.


5 6424 PVC Schlauch ID 5x1,0mm, Rolle 100m

5 6425 Silikonschlauch ID 5x1,5mm, Rolle 100m

8 6550 Climaset® mit 2 gewinkelten Metallrohren, PVC Schlauch

4 6551 Luftanschlussnippel Kunststoff

4 6552 Luftanschlussnippel Metall abgewinkelt

4 6553 Gummidurchführung

8 6555 Climaset® mit 2 Kunststoffrohren, PVC Schlauch

8 6556 Climaset® mit 2 gewinkelten Metallrohren, Silikonschlauch

8 6557 Climaset® mit 2 Kunststoffrohren, Silikonschlauch