Fragen zum Produkt "Differenzdruck Messumformer 990"

Differential Pressure Gauge 990

from 0 bis to kPa


  • Monitoring of air and non-aggressive gases.

The differential pressure gauges 990 Display are for air and non-aggressive gases and will be used to measure differential pressure, overpressure and vacuum. They offer one adjustable pressure range and two output signals, which can be selected in the menu. The type 990M has a manual zero offset calibration, the type 990A has an automatic zero offset calibration. Monitoring of air and non-aggressive gases.

Technische Daten

990M with manual offset calibration
990A with automatic offset calibration

Setting ranges:
Depending on type between 0 Pa and 2500 mbar

Temperature range:
Working temperature from 0°C to +50°C
Storage temperature from –10°C to +70°C

Process connection:
4mm and 6mm tube connections

Supply voltage:
18 to 30 VAC / VDC

Output signal:
0 – 10 V
4 – 20 mA

Electrical connection:
Screw terminals for wires and strands up to 1.5mm²

Protection class:
IP20 acc. to EN 60529


5 6424 PVC Schlauch ID 5x1,0mm, Rolle 100m

5 6425 Silikonschlauch ID 5x1,5mm, Rolle 100m

7 6505 Steckernetzteil

7 6526 Set Befestigungsspange Form B

8 6550 Climaset® mit 2 gewinkelten Metallrohren, PVC Schlauch

4 6551 Luftanschlussnippel Kunststoff

4 6552 Luftanschlussnippel Metall abgewinkelt

4 6553 Gummidurchführung

8 6555 Climaset® mit 2 Kunststoffrohren, PVC Schlauch

8 6556 Climaset® mit 2 gewinkelten Metallrohren, Silikonschlauch

8 6557 Climaset® mit 2 Kunststoffrohren, Silikonschlauch